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News and Issues:

Internship Information

Students are expected to attend 2 on-line seminar sessions per 2.0 hours of field placement or complete 2 Case Studies. All online seminars are from 9:00 a.m. - noon on four selected Saturdays during the semester.

The comprehensive Exam will be offered through D2L. You may only take the exam at one sitting.  Your Comprehensive Exam will be offered each semester. If you do not see or remember receiving the most recent notice, please contact Dr. Bizzell.

You must contact Dr. Bizzell with your request to take the comprehensive exam.   If you are unfamiliar with D2L contact Dr. Bizzell ASAP! 

You MUST complete a request to convene a comprehensive committee and register for the comprehensive final with the Graduate College [(540) 831 6344 AND contact Dr. Bizzell to identify the specific date and time you will take the exam.





Graduation: You are to complete a graduation application –found on the graduate college web site under forms – send this to the Graduate College within two (2) weeks of the beginning of the semester in which you wish to graduate!

Click this link to view the Graduation Application or visit the Graduate College Website.

 LICENSURE: Students completing the program must complete a college verification form (found on the DOE web site – Teacher Licensure Application Form p.6) top portion of the form, then send this to Mrs. Libby Hall, licensure specialist. The form will be completed and returned to you. You must then take that form and a check to your personnel department they will complete your employment verification form and submit all three items to the DOE.


Course Registration:

When checking the registrar's page for classes, look for Course Offerings, then be sure you select the correct field for your search of available courses. Educational Leadership students should review this web site’s Course listings first and contact Dr. Bizzell with questions or concerns! Also remember that EDUC 617 and EDUC 615 are listed under Education NOT Educational Leadership and EDEF 606 is listed under Educational Foundations.


"Leadership and learning are indispensable of each other."

- Part of speech to be delivered by John F. Kennedy on the day of his assassination.